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When you think about building a business or brand on the Internet, here are five things that should be your focal point: 
#1. How can I use the Internet to help grow the business we already have?

There is no entrepreneurial activity that cannot benefit from the Internet.

Websites, Social Media platforms, are all platforms that can be used to grow your business in terms of its sales, and profitability by reaching more customers, quickly and cheaply.
It will quicken your growth. It is key to getting to the global marketplace.
#2. How can I use the Internet to spur innovation?

 You just need to be innovative concerning the value you are bringing into the market. Two people might bring to the business table the same business but innovation will stand you out.
# 3. How can I use the Internet to lower barriers of entry, including capital, and cost?

You have business strategies to leverage on. Strategies that has worked for successful e-business users, so you don’t end up using your expected income for running cost, that can be the first step of becoming disappointed and later dis-spirited.
#4. How can I use the Internet to access skills, expertise, partnerships?

The platform is there online……All it takes is your research, it ain’t gonna be easy , but trust me- it’s worth it!
#5. How can I build actual Internet businesses?

This last question takes me to the four steps I  just mentioned! 

If your business can add value it can fetch you anything.

#value first #money follows



In life you can end yourself anywhere, when you don’t know where you are going. It takes a driver with a destination right in his mind for the bus and passengers to get there. What do you want to be defined for? Where do you want to be seen? Whom do you want to be associated with? Whose shoulder do you want to stand on? Who do you want to be? You must have a dream for yourself as this will help you to tailor your resources, energy, knowledge and time in becoming that very person. Opportunities that come your way which you know will  boost or will help your dream makes sense to you, then you will be able to see and seize what others whose dream are not related can’t behold. The impetus and drive to achieve concerning the opportunity becomes high. A life without a dream has no meaning. Anywhere just seems has a place to him/her. Your dream will drive you, it is a hope that keeps you moving when the world seems to be at a standstill. We all are dreamers, you are a dreamer irrespective of whatever frailties you’ve been labelled with, I like to use one of mentor as a case study. Les Brown was labelled as educable mentally retarded student, dropped from fifth grade to fourth grade and classified under that category till he finished high school. One day a high school teacher asked him to enter a class so he could start teaching, but he said ‘sir, I can’t’. The man asked, why not? He said because am educable mentally retarded. The teacher came from behind his desk and said to him ‘’don’t ever say that again, someone’s opinion of you does not have to become a realty!’’, that was spot on for me, kept me thinking for a long time. You must of utmost necessity: Feel worthy of yourself and have a dream! It doesn’t all stop there, as that where most of think it ends, ‘A good idea is just an idea until you make it work’. 

Marthin Luther King JNR dream of over 50 years (I HAVE A DREAM) worked positively for his country through commitment and tenacity. There has to be an effort, if you do believe in your dream, you will be very sure against all odds that you will definitely win and conquer. Remember- Faith without work is dead, you can believe as a table tennis player you will defeat someone in a competition, but the only way you can prove that is to engage and play. Same thing applies to the bridge between our dreams and its fulfillment. Now is the time to DREAM AND ACT!



South Africa — Do you fear Nigerians( dominating spirit) or you hate us ,perhaps maybe both?

You have gone as far as creating a Facebook movement that has attracted over 5000 members in just a few days, to drive out all Nigerians out of your country (signal to menace), you have attacked innocent souls trying to make a living in your country , recently a man had to throw his 3 children over a fence to his neighbors compound, one which landed her skull on the ground. According to south africans reports-  Nigerians do a lot of crime. Nigerians are perceived to be criminals and fraudsters who are largely responsible for crime in the country. They claim Nigerians are fast thinkers indulging in drug deals and cybercrime , the question is ARE ALL NIGERIANS IN YOUR COUNTRY INVOLVED IN THESE ACTS? South Africa have never been fond of immigrants ever since the apartheid and its quite saddening this is recurring again. Why do we have to suffer this persecution? Before more lives and property are injured and damaged respectively , their is A CALL TO RESPOND BY THE GOVERNMENT through civil measures, because left to NANS and other concerned citizens , MTN AND DSTV have not seen ANYTHING at all. Property damage and human loss scores may start to be counted (S.Afr 3-2 Nig) which may get more ugly as events unfolds.
Nigeria and South Africa need to develop an urgent common approach to address the issue of recurrent xenophobic attacks OR ELSE ***** ***** ***”***”

Sowemimo ABAYOMI rest his case but may continue later!


When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, not only that even confusion. A state of dilemma can silently fade into thin air away your purpose, such that one looses his identity.” The greatest loss is not DEATH, but it is for a man to LEAVE and not to have LIVED.”– SOWEMIMO Abayomi

Discover what you live for!

Define what you live for !  

Living in Purpose√



A healthy mind is a wealthy business- Sowemimo ABAYOMI.

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs are agents of change . For all the time people spend concerned about physical strength, social relations, financial accumulation and health conditions, when it comes down to it, mental strength can mean even more having the overall effect on all and sundry. Particularly for entrepreneurs, numerous articles talk about—tenacity, grit, optimism, and an unfailing ABILITY. But I see this mental faculty area as very pivotal as the key to lock and unlock !

  So I thought to myself I must build on this for myself and my Readers, here are 13 major cardinal mental tools for successful entrepreneurs:

1. Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry  : You don’t see mentally strong people feeling sorry for their circumstances or dwelling on the way they’ve been mistreated. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and outcomes, and they have an inherent understanding of the fact that frequently life is not fair. They are able to emerge from trying circumstances with self-awareness and gratitude for the lessons learned. When a situation turns out badly, they refuse to join the pity-party. As an entrepreneur ,you should avoid this. Move on!!

2. Don’t Give Away Your Power Mentally: Stop giving others the power to make you feel inferior or bad. A mentalpreneurship  understand that he is in control of his actions and emotions. They know their strength is in their ability to manage the way they respond.

3. Be an agent of Change and Growth: Mentally strong people embrace change and they welcome challenge. Their biggest “fear,” if they have one, is not of the unknown, but of becoming complacent and stagnant. An environment of change and even uncertainty can energize a mentally strong person and bring out their best. Change is constant , Growth is optional.

4. Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control: Mentally strong people don’t just sit back and COMPLAIN , rather they seek for the solutions. In a bad situation, they recognize that the one thing they can always control is their own response and attitude, and they use these attributes well.
5. Worry About Pleasing Others: Know any people pleasers? Or, conversely, people who go out of their way to dis-please others as a way of reinforcing an image of strength? Neither position is a good one. A mentally strong person strives to be kind and fair and to please others where appropriate, but is unafraid to speak up. They are able to withstand the possibility that someone will get upset and will navigate the situation, wherever possible.

6. Fear Taking Calculated Risks: Entrepreneurship is all about taking calculated risks. A mentally strong person is willing to take calculated risks. This is a different thing entirely than jumping headlong into foolish risks. But with mental strength, an individual can weigh the risks and benefits thoroughly, and will fully assess the potential downsides and even the worst-case scenarios before they take action.

7. Dwell on the Past: Their is strength in acknowledging the past and especially in acknowledging the things learned from past experiences— so you dont grope bindly into the future. A mentally strong person is able to avoid miring their mental energy in past disappointments or in fantasies of the “glory days” gone by. They invest the majority of their energy in creating an optimal present and sustaining  future.

8. Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over: We all know the definition of insanity, right? It’s when we take the same actions again and again while hoping for a different and better outcome than we’ve gotten before. A mentally strong person accepts full responsibility for past behavior and is willing to learn from mistakes. Research shows that the ability to be self-reflective in an accurate and productive way is one of the greatest strengths of spectacularly successful executives and entrepreneurs.
10. Give Up After Failure: Every failure is a chance to improve. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that their early efforts invariably brought many failures. Mentally strong people are willing to fail again and again, if necessary, as long as the learning experience from every “failure” can bring them closer to their ultimate goals.
11. Fear ‘Alone Time’ : Mentally strong people enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive. Most importantly, they don’t depend on others to shore up their happiness and moods. They can be happy with others, and they can also be happy alone.

12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything: Particularly in the current economy, executives and employees at every level are gaining the realization that the world does not owe them a salary, a benefits package and a comfortable life, regardless of their preparation and schooling. Mentally strong people enter the world prepared to work and succeed on their merits, at every stage of the game with a will to MAKE IT!
13. Expect Immediate Results: Whether it’s a workout plan, a nutritional regimen, or starting a business, mentally strong people are “in it for the long haul”. They know better than to expect immediate results. They apply their energy and time in measured doses and they celebrate each milestone and increment of success on the way. They have “staying power.” And they understand that genuine changes take time. 




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✅Zechariah 4 verse 7: Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the head­stone thereof with shout­ings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.
All this while, have been reading , sharing , hearing and seeing this verse  but I never knew such a secret lies therein. God in His infinite fellowship has revealed the watchword for the key to my accomplishments this year and beyond. In my  mind’s eye, mountain becoming a plain , the amplified version says a ‘molehill’ , just seems   unnatural but with God – it is possible. For every task and goals before me this year , breaking through and bringing forth is inevitable. I shall confess , call ,shout and cry GRACE GRACE UNTO MY FINANCES, PROJECT, PURPOSE  and come forth with their headstones for the world to see.


It is not going to be by my power , not my strength , not my intelligence, NO! Have done that for too long, my mental intelligence and human limit needs to allow HIM, must allow  the Lord of the Heaven’s armies.
I enjoin you to seek HIS face and cry out for GRACE in all your endeavors. Because it WORKS!! IT IS WORKING AND IT WILL NO DOUBT WORK FOR YOU…
GRACE —- Unmerited Favor
Giving unto me what I don’t deserve but in which am qualified for by the blood of JESUS by the reason of the finished work of CHRIST


   GRACE , GRACE  UNTO IT!!!!!!!!